Lic. Gabriel Bigotti

Consultor en seguros medicos

  • My mission is to coordinate and ensure for you the best medical treatment available in the world.

    For over 20 years, I have gained a lot of experience representing World Class International Health insurance companies. All recognized for their innovation, customer orientation and agreements with excellent specialized medical centers worldwide.

    I was able to gather the formal knowledge from my college career in Psychology, with the practical experience of the consultant, learning day by day. In this way, I have amplified my experience solving cases and accompanying clients through the different processes of using the Insurance: processing their claims, coordinating air ambulances, hospitalizations and solving for them access to the best health resources available in the world.

    Furthermore, I have permanently traveled to conventions and conferences offered by the companies I work with. They were perfect opportunities to contact professionals who are at the forefront of health issues and update knowledge, share experiences and discover new resources. In this way, I completed my training, with highly qualified people in the insurance industry.

    Today, with my team, we are ready to share this experience with you at all times. Ensuring that your coverage is up to date, when changing circumstances force you to adjust coverage. Or in difficult times when the use of your insurance is the peace of mind that you bought in advance. We will be supporting you in the process of accessing the best medicine available in the world!