Senior Plan

Senior VIP is an innovative product providing coverage for people between the ages of 60 to 90 at very affordable premiums.

This plan includes a lifetime coverage up to US $3 million and ample coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical procedures. This plan offers the comfort of knowing you have comprenhensive protection for your specif health needs.

  • Senior VIP comes with these distinct advantages:

    • A comprehensive network of domestic and international hospitals and healthcare providers across five continents
    • Expertise in USA and international claims management
    • Management and medical teams who fully understand your culture and speak your language
    • Second Medical Opinion VIP, Global Telemedicine and Home Medical Visits included in all plans
    • In-house administration of benefits and cost control measures
    • A strong, stable and well-managed company that cares for your health.
    • Renewal guaranteed for life