• On  2003, my oldest daughter Antonella was 5 years old and we had to take her to the hospital in an emergency.

    The hospital doctor diagnosis was a massive peritonitis. We had 48 hours to prevent the infection from spreading in his body and dying.

    The tension and anguish increased, when at night the laboratory test showed no infection and the doctor insisted on operating. I called my Health Insurance Denmark, I put the doctors talking to each other and in 20 minutes they authorized the air ambulance. Two hours later we were flying to Guadaloupe.

    Antonella had only a virus. We were able to save a 5-year-old girl from total anesthesia surgery. The possibility of having a quick response and within hours flying to a better hospital, was the calm I needed to know that there was a solution.

    Thanks International Health Insurance Denmark! A company with exceptional staff; professional, efficient, human and dedicated.

    They made me realize that I could bring these values ​​to the Caribbean and give some peace to many people like me, having access to the best medicine available when we need it!

    Gabriel Bigotti