• Suddenly, having never previously been ill I was feeling extremely unwell.  I went to my doctor and had some tests done.  They could not determine the cause.

    Fortunately I was acquainted with an American radiologist. He arranged for me to see a top gastroenterologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, he asked if I had insurance and said I had to get there fast.  I contacted Gabriel, my medical insurance broker here, thankfully a few years previously he had recommended me to take out a medical policy with BUPA. That decision ultimately saved my life. He said they would take care of all the expenses, and instantly he arranged via his company’s office in Miami to contact the hospital so that when I arrived there everything was taken care of. I had nothing to worry about concerning the costs. This was a massive relief.

    This happened 15 years ago and I have had to return twice to have related surgery, the latest was a year ago. In both cases I had similar super care. All I had to do was call Gabriel and he took care of all the financial arrangements. When you are in that position it’s such a relief not to have any worries about that so then all you have to think about is getting well.

    John Ord