• When we moved outside of Canada, the challenge of finding the right health insurance coverage was daunting. We were lucky to find Gabriel Bigotti of GB International Health & Life Insurances.

    Gabriel became our guide in finding the right insurance for our family. With his help, we became insured by VUMI Universal Medical Insurance.

    Our experience both with Gabriel and VUMI has been nothing short of excellent. The real test of a caring agent, though, is not during times of good health. Issues, if any, are small and quickly dealt with by any competent agent.

    The real test comes in tough times. We recently discovered how great Gabriel was when both of us developed serious medical problems within a month of each other.

    Gabriel, along with his team, came through for us more like a friend than an agent. He quickly and efficiently responded to our needs and questions during and after both hospitalizations.

    Gabriel and his team genuinely care, and take care of, their clients. Their handling of emergency situations. which are difficult enough emotionally, let alone having to deal with insurance, left us feeling comforted and at ease knowing we were in the best of hands.

    VUMI, too, was excellent - fair and thorough in promptly reimbursing all our expenses during hospitalization and follow-up.

    We highly recommend both VUMI and our trusted friend, with a special “thank you and 4 thumbs-up” to Gabriel and his team.

    Highly recommended!

    Ken Evoy /Janice Isomura